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UK Importers for Brakel, Mingardi, Topp and Ultraflex (UCS)
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Welcome to Vent Engineering

We are specialist in natural and smoke ventilation systems and have been manufacturing, supplying, installing and commissioning ventilation systems for over 25 years for a variety of projects of all shapes and sizes.

If you are in the initial stages of planning a new project and need to begin specifying smoke or natural ventilation solutions we can help define what you might need and the costs involved (both installation costs and lifetime running costs).

Our sales and engineering team offer free and friendly advice, and can give you an overview of your options and the potential solutions that can be deployed.

Ventilation project partners

Over many years we have found that our early involvement in projects saves our clients time and money - we can advise where bespoke products are required and how standard off-the-shelf systems can be incorporated, where architectural and structural solutions can save both development cost and running costs, and a whole gamut of other insights to optimise your ventilation project.

So with this in mind we would recommend picking up the phone and getting a conversation going. We are here to help you and make sure you get the ventilation system you want and need.

Give us a call now on to start planning your ventilation project:- 01202 744 958

Maintenance & inspection

In UK law smoke ventilation systems must be regularly inspected and be operational. The owner or the management company of all premises are responsible for the statutory inspection & maintenance of smoke ventilation systems.

Consequently we recommend and advise bi-annual inspection and maintenance twice a year to ensure your system is signed-off in a working operational condition.

If you are unsure when your system was last inspected please give us a call and we can schedule a visit from one of our engineers. As your building occupants' and fire fighters' lives are dependant on these system, it is really not something to put off for another day, so call our maintenance team now:- 01202 744 958