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Inspection & Maintenance for Fire Alarm Systems


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Fire alarms - UK law and legal requirements

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (England & Wales) specifies that it is the responsibility of individuals within an organisation to carry out Fire Risk Assessment to identify, manage and reduce the risk of fire and outlines that provisions for the correct maintenance of installed fire equipment must be undertaken as part of the Fire Risk Assessment.

Failure to carry out and retain a written Fire Risk Assessment is a Criminal Offence.

Fire Alarm Regulations BS5839 require the duty holder to undertake Periodic checks to ensure the functionality of the system.

Where 5 or more people are employed within a premises significant findings of the risk assessment must be recorded and made available to 'relevant persons'.

The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and The Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010 both have the same requirements for a Fire Risk Assessment by a 'responsible person' and that regular inspection of fire safety equipment conducted. It is also a Criminal Offence to fail to carry out a risk assessment in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

If you own or manage a building or employ people within a building you are the responsible person, and subject to the laws outlined above.

Fire alarm inspection & maintenance

We offer a UK wide fire alarm & detection system inspection and maintenance service and can conduct scheduled visits in accordance with your Fire Risk Assessment requirements. Our engineers will fully test your systems and fix, repair or replace any components or sub-systems that have failed or are faulty.

As well as scheduled inspection and maintenance we offer emergency call out of our fire alarm engineers. If you become aware of a fault anywhere on your system we can overnight spare parts to your location and have an engineer on site within 24 hours to ensure the safety of your building's occupants and the property itself.

If you need assistance with you Fire Risk Assessment, we can also help advise about the frequency of visits and what needs checking and when.

With all our maintenance and inspection visits our engineers will of course complete a log of all work and remedial action to ensure your records are complete and indicate full compliance with fire regulations.

If you are unsure when your last fire alarm inspection was conducted, or who undertook it for you, then please get in contact as soon as possible and we will ensure your system is tested and in working order so you can be assured your premises are safe.

Smoke ventilation & fire alarm inspection and maintenance service

We can offer a discounted dual-service maintenance and inspection regime for smoke ventilation & fire alarms combined. This will provide your building exactly the same level of safety and conform to statutory requirements for regular inspection.

Having this dual inspection service reduces our overhead and your management of 3rd parties, making life that bit simpler and giving you the piece of mind that the smoke ventilation and fire alarm systems are both taken care of.

  • Smoke ventilation maintenance and inspection
  • Fire alarm system maintenance and inspection

You will receive the same recorded logs for both ventilation and fire alarms. These will indicate all findings and any remedial work undertaken to rectify issues, and both logs will fulfil statutory requirements to record inspections, testing and maintenance work.

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If you need either your fire alarm system or both your fire alarm system and your smoke ventilation system inspected and maintained please call now on:- 01202 744 958