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Systems for Mechanical Smoke Ventilation


car parks

Car Park Ventilation Systems

Using space saving induction fans and impulse fans that do not require ducting, these systems are able to move large volumes of smoke and exhaust fumes from parking areas to extraction shafts. The lack of ducting in these systems presents significant cost-savings and commercial gain through the additional space.

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mechanical smoke shafts

Mechanical Smoke Shaft

A mechanical smoke shaft protects fire fighting lobbies and stairs and can be as little as 0.6m2 of on plan area, rather than the 1.5m2 natural ventilation (NSHEV) shaft required in Approved Document B. It can provide SHEV airflow where building design will not sustain NSHEV giving your project greater flexibility and architectural options.

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BRE mechanical shafts

BRE Mechanical Smoke Shaft

Designed to protect fire fighting lobbies and stairs in buildings over 18m and providing the same performance properties as a 3m2 BRE 79204 smoke shaft, these mechanical space-saving fire shaft systems for multi-storey buildings can occupy as little as 20% of on plan area - proving significant commercial advantages where space is at a premium

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smoke curtain systems

Smoke curtains allow open areas to be isolated from smoke and heat during a fire. We provide smoke curtains for a variety of applications including large atria, lobbies, foyers, auditoriums, theatres and halls. We also supply specialist smoke curtains for escalators and spiral stair cases.

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Systems - mechanical ventilation

In general we recommend deploying mechanical systems only where a natural airflow cannot be achieved. This can mean where compact and confined space is required or necessary or where the structure or space is subterranean and therefore unlikely to achieve natural airflow.

There are essentially two types of mechanical systems; car park ventilation systems and mechanical extraction systems (which includes mechanical smoke shaft, mechanical smoke shaft systems that match or exceed BRE 79204 shaft recommendations suitable to higher multi-storey buildings and roof mounted extraction systems).

CE certified SHEV fans

Our mechanical ventilation fans are certified to
EN 12101-3 for powered SHEV systems. We generally supply fire rated extractions fans for the two most commonly required classes F300 and F400. However, other classes are also available:-

Class Temp(°C) Min. period (Mins)
F200 200 120
F300 300 60
F400 400 120
F600 600 60
F842 842 30

Experienced Friendly Advice

If you are in the initial stages of a project or development and believe there is a requirement for mechanical ventilation please get in touch. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge and can offer friendly and insightful advice on your options, outlining system performance, initial cost and life-time costs and comparable alternative should they exist.

Please do not hesitate to call, as we are here help and make sure you get the right ventilation system for your project. Call now:- 01202 744 958