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Products for Natural Ventilation



Vent actuators come in three main types: chain actuators, linear actuators and ram actuators. They are designed to automate the opening and closing of roof vents & rooflights, windows vents & louvres vents. They are available in 24 volts or 230 volts, and come with varying thrusts (strength) and strokes (opening distance).


window vents

Window Vents

We offer a wide selection of automated window vents (styles, dimensions, hanging options), many with discrete actuators hidden in the frame. We can provide bespoke window vents to your specific dimensions. We also offer a wide range of glazing options and colour option too (any RAL or BS colour).


louvre window vents

Roof louvers Vents

Louvre window provide light, ventilation and have more wind and weather resilience when partially open than standard window vents. We have a range of styles and off-the-shelf dimension, but we can also provide custom dimensions, custom colours (any RAL or BS colour) and a variety of glazing options too.


rooflights & roof vents

Rooflight & Roof Vents

Bringing in light and allowing warmer air to escape from a building at the touch of a button, automated rooflights and roof vents come in standard off the shelf dimensions & configurations, but also entirely bespoke too. Shapes, dimensions, frame colours, actuators and glazing can all be chosen by you.


roof louvre vents

Roof louvres provide low profile ventilation with better wind shear performance that standard lid roof vents and rooflights - so are ideal for higher or exposed buildings. We have standard styles and dimensions, but as with all our vents we can provide custom dimensions, colours and glazing options.


facade louvre vents

Facade louvres provide discrete ventilation for airflow circulation (lower mounted units providing inflow, higher mounted ones providing exhaust for hot air). Unlike window louvres these use opaque blades (usually aluminium) and the frame and blade can be provided in any RAL or BS colour. Bespoke dimensions are available too.


sensors & switches

We provide radio remotes, retractive switches (open/close/neutral) for optimal vent control and secure key switches. A wide choice of sensors are available to send inputs to the control system - 7-day programmable timers, thermostats (temperature), anemometers (wind speed), rain sensors and hygrometers (humidity).

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natural control panels

Our natural ventilation control systems allow inputs from multiple sensors to automate the system, plus a wide variety of manual switches too. So, these control systems provide you with a great degree of flexibility in how you want to manage and run your ventilation system.

Natural ventilation products

We provide complete natural ventilation solutions and supply, install and commission a wide spectrum of natural ventilation products for a range of applications and uses. If you have a project in mind and want some free and friendly advice as to which products and systems might best suit your needs please get in touch. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales and engineering team will be able to discuss your options and potential solutions to meet your needs.

Largest UK supplier vent actuators

Ventec are the largest supplier of window and vent actuators in the UK - and as our byline says "No one opens more vents!" We have access to better prices and our economy of scale means we should be your first port of call when looking for the right price.

Bespoke & custom products

Ventec have been manufacturing vents and ventilation system components for over 25 years. As well as supplying standardised sizes and off-the-shelf products we can also provide bespoke and custom products and system components. For vents we can supply non-standard shapes, custom dimensions, colours and glazing, plus thermally broken frames.

Actuators can be supplied in any RAL or BS colour to match the aesthetic requirements of your building.

Our control systems can be custom configured depending on your sensor/switch requirement and wiring plan. To discuss all available options and how we can best meet your ventilation system's needs please give us a call - 01202 744 958

Spares & replacements

If you need replacement actuators or spares for any part of your system we will endeavour to get these to you as soon as possible. As the largest supplier of vent actuators in the UK we usually hold stock of most common models of actuator - and therefore can offer UK overnight shipping for these products. If you call our Ventec Direct sales team they will get your order placed and shipped to you right away -
call 01202 744 958


We offer scheduled preventative maintenance on all our systems and also an emergency call out service should you need our engineers visit and fix, repair or replace components in your existing system.