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Systems for Natural Ventilation


cross ventilation

Cross Ventilation Systems

With windows open on both sides of the room/building, wind is used as a positive pressure on the windward side and a negative pressure on the leeward side of buildings. To equalize pressure, fresh air will enter any windward opening and be exhausted from any leeward opening. These openings will typically be located at a level above head height.

We provide all needed vents, controls and sensors for this system.

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stack ventilation

Stack Ventilation

Warm air rises because it is lighter than cold air. When warm air rises to the roof of a building, a small vacuum is created at the lower level of the building, sucking in fresh ambient air through open windows at ground level - and thereby a natural airflow is created. Due to its physical nature, the stack effect requires a certain height difference between the windows used for air inlet and outlet. The windows in the roof are used for letting the "used" air out, while the windows at the lower levels take fresh ambient air into the building.

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passive cooling

Passive Cooling Ventilation

Floor slabs can absorb heat build-up during daytime usage through a combination of solar gain, electronic equipment and user occupancy. As the external temperature drops at night, the building can be cooled by partially opening the vents around the building - often called night-cooling or night-purging. The example shown uses an atrium design (utilising stack and cross ventilation) for this effect.

We provide all needed vents, controls and sensors for this system.

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single sided

Single Sided Ventilation

Rooms with windows on one side only. Cold air will stream inside, and warm air will stream out again through the same window. This kind of ventilation is normal, but it is only useful up to a certain room depth.

We provide all needed vents, controls and sensors for this system.

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double opening

An advancement of the single sided principle provides a double opening, which is considerably more efficient.

We provide all needed vents, controls and sensors for this system.

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roof ventilation

We provide a range of rooflights, roof vents and louvres suitable for natural ventilation. These are customisable vents, and can be supplied to the dimensions, frame colours and glazing you specify.

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facade ventilation

We provide a range of automated window vents, window louvre vents and facade louvres to meet your buildings aesthetic needs. Bespoke vent dimensions, frame colours and glazing options are available.

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atria & glass

Rooflights and windowed roof louvre vents can be supplied in a range of standard sizes or custom built for any shape or desired dimension. Custom frame colours and glazing options are available.

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Natural ventilation systems

When you look at the advantages and cost involve or natural ventilation systems verse air conditioning or mechanically forced air it is surprising the ground swell towards natural systems has take so long.

The financial cost and environmental impact of air conditioning is many times greater than that of natural ventilation systems.

And critically, we are realising that natural systems are healthier too. Fresh air kills bacteria and the oxygen borne by the fresh air also makes people feel better in themselves. Hermetically sealed buildings with artificial recycled airflow are a recipe for "sick building syndrome". As the NHS say when asked who can be affected by sick building syndrome:-

Anyone can be affected by SBS, but office workers in modern buildings without opening windows and with mechanical ventilation or air conditioning are most at risk.

Promoting building health via natural airflow

Ironically many hospitals one visits fall into the same trap, with a lack of natural fresh air purging the building of bacterial nasties. Consequently the UK has had high incidents of bacteria "superbugs" such as MRSA. The principals of nursing extolled by Florence Nightingale had fresh air in the ward every day as a founding principal to kill bacteria - and luckily we are relearning her observations for hospital ward hygiene and contemporary hospital designs have natural ventilation as a sine qua non.

Fresh air is somewhat akin to water - we take it so much for granted we have forgotten its vital role for humans - in both senses. It is essential for our existence, but also provides us with energy and the ability to think and concentrate (the brain is a glucose and oxygen fuelled machine). So having fresh air cycle through all our habitats is crucial.

Consequently, we are passionate about bringing natural ventilation to as many buildings as possible to ensure everyone's' life is a little bit more comfortable wherever they are.

Project inception... free advice

We have been supplying natural ventilation systems for over 25 years, so our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have seen highly successful, well thought through projects that are exemplars of how to deploy natural ventilation. And we have also been privy to the other end of the spectrum, where we have joined projects towards their end and had to try and tailor systems retrospectively to work were due consideration had not been applied to how the natural ventilation would work. So, we would recommend getting in touch for some free friendly advice. Early discussions about your options, how systems optimally work and clarification of potential costs will make your decisions and project planning so much more robust.

If you have a project about to kick off and the ventilation is still undetermined we would like to hear from you. Likewise if you want to see if natural ventilation is the right option for your project and you want do some cost comparison modelling, then we should be able to give you estimates to help you form a firmer decision. Give us a call now:- 01202 744 958