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Applications for Smoke Ventilation (SHEV)


atria & glass structures

AOV rooflights and AOV louvres are ideal for atria, allowing smoke and heat evacuation. The automatic opening vents (AOVs) will be wired to a SHEV control system, which in turn is linked to the buildings fire control & detection systems - allowing smoke and heat to escape from the atrium or greenhouse.

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car parks

Car park ventilation induction fans push large volumes of air / exhaust fumes / smoke towards extraction smoke shafts, removing the need for extensive ducting, saving valuable ceiling space, and allowing more parking levels to be constructed for greater commercial return.

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commercial & offices

AOV windows, AOV facade louvres & AOV roof vents allow offices to retain their aesthetic and functional characteristic whilst providing critical smoke evacuation capabilities, allowing occupants and fire fighters safer access through the building's common areas in the event of a fire.

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health & hospitals

Keeping common areas free of smoke in hospitals, health centres and care homes is critical for patients and fire fighters alike. Common SHEV system used to provide this include stairwell ventilators, smoke shafts, end of corridor ventilators and AOV facade and roof vents - all wired into to a smoke ventilation control panel

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hotels & leisure

Hotel facades usually comprise of guests' rooms, so often the means of escape stairwells are 'room locked' and thus smoke shafts and BRE smoke shafts are deployed in the building's interior to provide smoke ventilation to common areas. These systems will be linked to the buildings fire control system and detectors, with zonal responses.

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retail & shopping

In addition to stairwells, corridor and facade ventilation, shopping centres and retail buildings tend to have wide open atria that will house most of the building's occupants during a fire evacuation. Therefore, it is critical these common areas have AOVs fitted to provide life saving SHEV functions within the building.

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industrial & warehouse

As well as fire detection and suppression systems, industrial and warehouse facilities require SHEV system to comply with Health & Safety directives and Fire Regulations. We can provide smoke ventilation controls and AOVs to allow asphyxiating smoke and heat to escape the building in the event of a fire.

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In general, 3-storey residential buildings and up will require smoke ventilation measures to conform to building controls. The most common SHEV system used in residential property development projects are head of stairwell AOVs, end of corridor AOVs and smoke shafts.

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Applications - smoke ventilation

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) systems are critical in fires, to both common area building evacuation and to fire fighters who need those same common areas to reach the source of the fire.

By keeping stairwells, corridors and lobbies clear of asphyxiating gases and heat, people can exit the building more safely, and critically it makes the task of tackling the blaze easier for fire teams and first responders.

Vent Engineering have been designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning smoke ventilation systems for over 25 years, and have an intimate knowledge of building ventilation systems. Consequently, we know how to optimise smoke ventilation systems for a variety of building types and applications, generating efficient, low maintenance and robust integrated SHEV systems for your building.


Our experience in automated smoke and natural ventilation means we have delivered SHEV systems into a variety of building types and structures for projects across the entire UK. These range from large projects in hospitals and educational campuses through to high-rise offices and corporate HQs and down to small commercial premises and domestic residences.

SHEV systems for new builds and remedial work

We believe every building should be fitted with a SHEV system to increase fire safety, so whether you are looking for a solution to meet building regulations for a new build, or seeking remedial installation on an existing building, we are certain we can advise and help you identify the best smoke ventilation solution.


In July 2013 the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) became active. Under this European regulation all products used in the construction and building industry in EU countries must have a CE mark appropriate for their intended application.

Certified smoke ventilation products

For smoke ventilation applications CE EN 12101 requires that vents, louvres and window must be tested in unison with specific actuators as a single entity to receive their CE Mark; therefore, for all new build projects, AOV smoke vents are supplied with integrated motors as a single CE marked entity.