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Products for Smoke Ventilation (SHEV)


AOV roof louvres

Offering 1m2 of aerodynamic free air, excellent performance, especially for wind shear, the low profile of AOV roof louvres means they are often the first choice for head of smoke shaft venting. As the can also be fitted with glazed blades they are increasingly being used for head of stairwell smoke ventilation too.


AOV roof vents

AOV roof vents can be supplied with glazed lids to provide a rooflight function, and are consequently popular for use in head of stairwell ventilation systems. The lid opens to over 140° to ensure smoke exhaust benefits from cross winds and has no obstructions or hindrances.


AOV access hatches

Designed similarly to a standard AOV roof vents but with additional ladder mounts, ascent/descent aids and security grills, roof access hatch AOV provide your building's facilities team and any contractors an easy and safe method of reaching the roof for any maintenance and inspection functions.


AOV windows

Facade mounted AOV windows allow a building to utilise the standard window space for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation. Often used on end of corridor systems these window vents are generally bottom hung to allow for freer smoke exhaust. They provide 1.5m2 of aerodynamic free air as a minimum.


AOV louvre windows

AOV louvre windows also provide 1.5m2 of aerodynamic free air as a minimum, but they have improved wind sheer performance in high winds, meaning they have a wider operating parameter and can be used in normal natural ventilation functions in more conditions, whilst providing natural day light.


AOV facade louvres

Often using the same louvre component as louvre windows, these louvres have opaque blades (usually made from aluminium) and are designed to provide discreet ventilation on the face of a building, usually operating in a damper type function for inflow, or on roof structures for exhaust venting.


AOD doors

Most commonly used in a damper type function on smoke shafts where the aesthetic interior fit-out of a fire door is desired over more industrial looking dampers. Automatic opening door automation can be supplied with any certified fire door so these are very flexible and can be easily deployed on most smoke shafts.



Where aesthetic consideration can be ignored as the vent location is obscured to the public and building users, a damper presents a cost-effective and reliable method of ventilation control. Generally deployed in smoke shafts, our dampers use interlocking blades to insure a seal against smoke and toxic fumes.


smoke control panels

We offer a range of smoke control systems which can all be customised for your building's specific needs. They provide back-up power for AOVs and can receive inputs from a range of signals (fire safety systems, fire alarms and smoke detectors, emergency alarm switches, firemans switches, electrical thermal sensors etc.


sensors & detectors

The primary zone sensor for a smoke ventilation system will be a smoke head detector (usually either an optical unit or an ionisation unit which use photo-electric detection of light or ionisation chamber detection respectively). Other sensors such as thermo-electric temperature gauges can also be used.



Fire fighting shafts, lobbies and corridors require manual switches to allow fire crews direct control over vents (to open/close them as required). These firemans switches need to be visible (hence orange) and incorporate large user friendly buttons that can be easily operated whilst wearing fireproof gloves.


fireproof cabling

For obvious reasons smoke ventilation systems must use fire proof cable between each component to ensure integrity of the system in the event of a fire. We will provide certified fireproof cabling for every system we install and can also supply cable direct should you need it for other applications.

Smoke ventilation products

We offer a wide range of different automatic opening vents (AOV) for smoke ventilation in a variety of styles and functions. AOV roof vents and louvres are commonly used for head of stair and smoke shaft systems and all come with 1m2 of aerodynamic free air or more as standard. We also supply roof access hatch AOVs too, which allow your facilities team and contractors easy roof access with specialist ladder mounts and ascent/descent aids.

Smoke shafts generally require dampers or automatic opening doors (AOD) on each level and we can provide a variety of options here to ensure your buildings smoke safety functions are as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Facade mounted SHEV vents include AOV windows, AOV louvre windows and automated louvre vents. Again, aesthetics are a key consideration when selecting these vents as they will be 'on show' and therefore we offer a selection of choices and options to help ensure you find AOVs suitable for your building.

CE marks & certification

From 1st July 2013 the Construction Products Regulation 2011(CPR) took effect meaning it is mandatory for products used in the building industry to hold a CE Mark. The item used in the construction has to have been certified for the application against which it is will be used. For smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) vents the standard is CE EN 12101-2, so you should always confirm that any products supplied to your project possess the correct certificate of conformity for the role in which they will be used.

Smoke vents and their actuator motors now must be sold as a single entity, with both being tested together to receive their certification, where as previously these could be sold as separate items. We can of course supply replacement automatic opening vents (AOV), individual motors or any other component as part of your maintenance and inspection routine.

Please note that it is the property managers or building owners legal responsibility to ensure all smoke ventilation systems are inspected and maintained - with a log of all visits and any remedial work.

Customisable products

We are able to provide most of our smoke vents in a range of off-the-shelf standard sizes (which keep your costs and lead times down) and also to specific dimensions. We can also supply a range of glazing and colour options for each vent and louvre too - so please ask if you have any particular requirements.

Our smoke ventilation control systems manage SHEV functions for all manner of building shapes, sizes and layouts. We have designed them with flexibility and interoperability in mind. Our smoke control panels can take inputs from a variety signals including fire control/fire suppression systems, smoke alarm sensors, manual emergency fire alarms and firemans switches. This gives them the ability to integrate into almost any fire strategy with ease.

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