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Applications for Fire Alarms & Fire Safety

Which system does my building need?

Fire alarms and detection system are a near universal requirement (EN54 and BS5839) and are deployed wherever either life or properties need protection. Consequently fire alarm systems are readily available for every conceivable building type and application. There are three main types of fire alarm systems:-

  • Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
  • Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
  • Wireless Radio Fire Alarm Systems

Each of these fire alarm systems caters for specific needs and their properties determine where and when they should be used.

Conventional applications

Conventional fire alarm systems use a simple zone feedback, meaning each detection zone needs it own wiring circuit and a minimum of 2 separate sounder circuits/master alarm circuits. Therefore, the expense of the wiring and installation usually prohibits their use in anything other than smaller plan area applications e.g. 1000-2000 sq ft (single frontage shop, single room village hall etc).

Analogue addressable applications

Because prices of analogue addressable systems have fallen sharply in the past ten years, their flexibility, intelligence and ease of installation makes them the standard solution for most applications.

In an analogue addressable system each device is identifiable via its address, so many devices can be installed on a single loop, making wiring in the circuit much more easy. Because the system knows where devices are, this intelligence allows for very complex and flexible installations for most building types.

The size and flexibility of these system can be illustrated through three simple figures - an analogue addressable system can have up to 254 devices (sensors, sounders, beacons etc) per loop, with up to 200 networkable nodes, and up to 200,000 devices on the network in total!

This means analogue addressable systems are suited to the widest possible choice of applications and can solve most fire alarm and detection system requirements.

Wireless radio applications

Wireless radio fire alarms and detectors are ideal when wiring and installation access are limited or will prove expensive e.g. in listed and historic building. In these scenarios, the more expensive wireless system can actually present a cost saving due to reduced installation cost and levels of required remedial work.

Free, friendly, expert advice

If you need a fire alarm and detection system please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be able to outline your options and how to get the optimal system for your building and budget. We supply products from the leading brands in fire alarms & detection:-

  • Advanced Electronics
  • Apollo
  • Cranford Controls
  • Electro-Detectors
  • SMS.

Call now to enquire about what system will best suit your application:- 01202 744 958